Thursday, May 29, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Tone-Up Toner

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Yup you read the title right! It's from ETUDE HOUSE!
Today I'm gonna be reviewing their skin care product, which is a toner. I got this product when I was attending an event, which is the Etude House's Beauty Class, at my campus. It's the Etude House Vitamin C O2 White Tone-Up Toner. Phiuww that was a mouthful lol. Here's the pic of the product (sorry the box is already gone hehe..)

Contents: 150ml/5.07oz (full-sized)
Ingredients: O2, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3

Skincare line supplies O2 & Vitamin C to brighten, clarify and detoxify skin tone. Toner wipes away pore deep residues while improving complexion clarity and tone.

How to Use:

  • Dispense toner solution onto facial cotton pad.
  • Use the cotton pad to apply to all areas of face and neck.

I don't know the price (since I got this for free kk~) but my friend said that this retails for around IDR 300.000 and yes, this is the full sized! I was kinda surprise, because usually they would give us the deluxe sample/travel size instead of full-sized kkk gomawo-yo Etude House~^^
Okay, back to the review, shall we~?

The bottle itself is made, imo, from a glass material. I suggest you to be very careful because if your hand accidentally slipped, it will broke because of it. You have to twist the cap to open this product and when you opened it, the opening is like the regular toner opening. Oh yeah, when I first got this there's a sealed to prevent the product from bacteria and also to make sure that the product has not been touched nor used.

The consistency is watery and runny, just like the typical toner. The first thing I notice when I opened it is the scent. It smells like a lemon but a lil bit sweet (err...sorry i'm really bad at describing scents-_-). I love the secnt of it, it's kinda sweet and refreshing for me, and it doesn't bother me.

I use this toner twice, morning and evening. After cleansing my face, I use this with a cotton pad and then I rub it to my skin and neck. Why? Well, because it says this is a "Tone-Up" toner, which means it will brighten up my skin. So, I don't want my face look bright but my neck is tan (BIG After that, let the toner to dry and then use your favorite eye cream and moisturizer.

The first time I use this, I love it! It feels really nice on my skin. It doesn't make me oily for a good amount of time (FYI, I have combo/oily skin). BUT, this toner breaks me out!!
Yes, it really does! The first week, it was fine until the next day there's one BIG pimple sit right at my left cheek.'s so annoying! I've already loving this product but too bad it breaks me out :(

Okay, here's my final thoughts!

What I love:
  • The smell/scent of it
  • It feels really nice and refreshing on my skin
  • Good for controlling my oiliness
  • It DOES brightens up my face

What I hate:
  • Pricey
  • It breaks me out!!

Repurchase: NO~!

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