Friday, April 17, 2015

[First Impression/Review] Real Techniques Travel Essential Set Brushes

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Actually I wrote this a long time ago when I first got it, but I was really busy with school. I didn't have time to sit and write a single review on any of these. I'm so sorry.. :(

Today, I want to review and share my thoughts on the most popular brushes. Yup, it's from Real Techniques. I got this brushes from winning a giveaway that is hosted by the lovely Delania Marvella. There are 2 other prizes that I got which are the Sleek Face Contour kit and Lime Crime lipsticks that I'll review very soon. (I've already reviewed the Lime Crime lipstick, you can see it here)

Ok, so let's jump onto the review~

Contents: 3 brushes + case
Your essential tools go mobile. My travel essential provide everything you need to create flawless looks at home and away:
  • Look pixel perfect even in harsh light
  • Ultra plush taklon bristles

Since this is for travelling, it only contains 3 brushes, 1 eye brush and 2 face brushes and it also comes with the case. The case also can be function as a brush stand if you fold it. Very practical and nice! The brushes are very soft and love the handles. It's so colorful and cute. There's the name of each brush on the handle which I find kinda helpful for beginner like me.

Now, let's jump onto the individual review!

Domed Shadow Brush
Description: Tapered design smoothly shades and define eyes.

This brush is so fluffy and soft. I love using this to buff my concealer or to powder and set the under eye concealer. I also love using this to lightly contour my nose, highlight the brow bone, and of course for applying eye shadow.

Essential Foundation Brush
Description: Build flawless custom coverage with liquid foundation or concealer.

My very first impression of this brush is that, it's very tiny for a foundation. Eventhough the size is small, I still like using this to apply my BB cream. I mostly used this brush as a concealer brush and it instantly become my favorite brush to apply concealer. With its pointed shape, I can get to a very specific area around the eyes.

Multi Task Brush
Description: For effortless application of powder, blush and bronzer.

When I first saw this particular brush, I know that this brush is going to be really soft. And I was right! This brush is really soft and fluffy. I love it! Like the description said, it is perfect for aplying powder, blush and bronzer. I love using this brush for powder.

What I LOVE:
  • They're very soft
  • Love the colorful handle
  • Travel friendly (because of the case)
  • Quite sturdy material

What I HATE:
  • Hard to get esp. in Indonesia (you have to buy it online)
  • The price can be pretty expensive in Indonesia

Price: $18, you can buy it from Real Techniques website.

Repurchase? YES~! I'd love to collect all of the Real Techniques brushes!

Overall, I really love this brush. The quality is fantastic and lovely. I'm really glad that I could get my hands on these brushes thanks to the lovely kak Dela

That's it for today's review. Thank you for reading my review.
I hope you find it helpful. See you and...

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