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[Review] Etude House Eyeshadows : Heartade Collection (BR305) & Code:B Collection (#04)

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Today I'm gonna be reviewing some eye shadows from ETUDE HOUSE. There are 2 eyeshadows that I will be reviewing and both of them are single shadows.

Ok, let's jump right into it~

Like I said before, these are from Etude House. I don't know how much they costs because I got both of these shadows different beauty classes that I have attended. As you can see, both of them are shimmery and has a glitter in it. I love it! These are so pretty, esp with the champagney pink color. The texture of it is very soft and velvety. It almost feels like butter. Both of them has shimmer finishes with some glitter in it. The glitter is also very soft and it doesn't feel greedy or anything.

So, the first eyeshadow was in the Heartade Collection and I got it in the shade BR305. It's more of a pink with a little hint of brown in it and as I said before it has a shimmer finishes with some glitter. I really really love this color!! I always use this on my lid like almost everyday when I do my makeup. I also sometimes apply this on the inner corner and the inner half of the lower lash line. The shimmer and glitter makes it very pretty to wear for an everyday makeup. Sorry I don't have the picture from the website. It's really hard to find it, since this is an old product. Even though this is an old product, I've never used it and I always keep it close so that it stay on nicely. And I don't know if they still sell this eyeshadow or not.

The second one was in the Code:B Collection. There are four shades in the collection and I got this in the shade #04. I would describe this shade as a little dark khaki green with a hint of grey (correct me if I'm wrong..). I have never use this eyeshadow before, but the texture is the same with the first one, except this one has less glitter. And I think I'll use this when I feel daring to wear some dark shadows or when I want to create a smoky eye. This shade is surely great for smoky eye look, whether a heavy or a soft smoky eye.

Swatchy-swatchy time~!

As you can see, the pigmentation is great. I only swatch it with one swipe and the color pay off is lovely. I'm really enjoying these shadows lately and been playing around with it couple of time. The only downside was when I try to wipe this off on my hand, the glitter is still there! That's kinda annoying. It's really hard to remove glitter makeup :(

After I wipe it off with tissue. You can still see some of the glitter..
What I LOVE:
  • The pigmentation
  • The texture of it is velvety smooth and soft
  • The finishes (love me some shimmer and glitter~)

What I HATE:
  • The glitter is really HARD to remove

REPURCHASE?: No. I'd like to try their eyeshadows from another collection~

So overall, I love these shadows! It's very soft and velvety, pretty pigmented, and has a shimmery finish with a bit of glitter in it. Even though the glitter is kinda annoying because they'd still there when I try to remove it. The only way that I always do to remove it is to wash it off with my face cleanser or with some soap. That way I can rinse the glitter off, but there's still some teeny tiny left.

Does any of you know how to remove glitter makeup? Please lemme know in the comment below if you do. Also tell me what's your favorite eyeshadow at the moment. I would love to know it :)

That's it for the review. Hope this was helpful and...

Have a lovely day!
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