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[Review] Mustika Puteri Peach Berry Palette

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Today I'm going to review my favorite palette of the moment. It's the Mustika Puteri Peach Berry Palette from Mustika Ratu cosmetics. It's a local brand and I'm sure all of you have heard about this brand. And since this is a local product, as usual I'll write it with half Bahasa-half English.

So, let's jump right into it~

Contents: 12 gr
Ingredients: (bisa dilihat di gambar di atas ya)

Eye Shadow
Memberi warna pada kelopak mata agar mata lebih indah.
Mengandung moisturizer yang menjaga kelembaban bibir dan memberi tampilan bibir yang berkilau.

How to Use:
Eye Shadow
Oleskan warna tua pada kelopak mata dan warna muda sebagai highlight dengan menggunakan aplikator atau jari tangan.
Oleskan pada bibir hingga rata.

The palette itself contains 5 eyeshadows and 3 lipsticks. The shadows are mostly shimmery with a little glitter and 1 matte shadow. As the lipsticks, all of them are creamy finishes which has no shimmer whatsoever. Aku lupa belinya waktu itu dimana dan aku juga lupa harga pas aku beli palet ini itu berapa. Soalnya aku punya palet ini tuh udah lama banget, pas aku baru mulai kenal makeup hehe. Waktu itu sih aku beli karena aku suka sama warna-warnyanya. Natural banget dan cocok banget buat dipake sehari-hari dan bisa juga dipake buat acara khusus atau formal. Kemasannya juga simple dan lucu dengan konsep warna pink, which is my favorite color ;p I guess I was sold because of the packaging lol.

When you open it up, there's a quite large mirror and the applicators. The lip brush is great, but the sponge applicator is really sucks. You can see it why in the picture above. Actually, the sponge applicator has a dual end, but I've broke the one side lol. The sponge is sucks, it's really thin and loose. When you tap the sponge on to the shadow, you'll see how loose they are. And when you want to apply the shadow onto your lid, it crumble into pieces. Yeah I know it really sucks!!

Swatchy-swatchy time~!

As you can see the pigmentation is great with some of the shadows and also bad. The great ones was obviously the shimmery fuchsia and the matte brown is also great, but not as pigmented as the fuchsia one. The shimmery white and champagne are both good, but the purple one is really bad. It's the least pigmented out of all the shadows. Kinda sucks, because the purple looks really pretty on the pan. The texture of the shadows was OK. They feel very smooth but a little bit powdery. You have to swipe the brush slowly or else there will be fall out everywhere.

For the lipsticks, these have a really nice formula and also the color. I love the fact that they have 3 different shades, red, nude, and pink. I can either mix them together or apply it on its own. The finishes is also nice. They are very creamy but they can be a little bit drying. So, make sure that your lips are moisturized by applying a lip balm before applying the lipstick.

OK, so here's my final thoughts~

What I LOVE:
  • The color of the palette that's very versatile (neutral + pop of color)
  • The pigmentation of some of the shadows
  • The lipsticks shades
  • Cute and simple packaging

What I HATE:
  • The sponge applicator
  • The fact that the eyeshadows is really close to the lipsticks that sometimes there will be some fallout from the shadows on to the lipsticks (not hygienic)

Maybe. Kalau aku belum nemuin palet lain yang aku suka, aku akan repurchase palet ini. Tapi kalo udah nemu tambatan hati yang lain (what? lol) I guess, no~

PRICE: Last time I checked, this palette retails for IDR 71.500,-. Buat kamu yang tertarik untuk beli palet ini, kalian bisa beli disini

Have you tried this palette yet? Lemme know in the comment below and also tell me what's your favorite palette at the moment :)

That's it for the review. Hope you find this helpful and...

Have a lovely day!
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